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Country : France

Born : 16 février 1900 - Paris, France

RIP : 25 janvier 1981 - Paris, France

Son of the famous poèt Maurice Legrand (Franc-Nohain), Jean is attracted by literature. After fulfilling a completion of law degree, Jean Nohain opens his own firm in Paris, but spend time developing his writing. His first lyrics will be bearing the pseudonym of Jaboune.

His young brother, who is set-designer at the théatre de l'Odéon, introduces Jean to Mireille, together they will write their first musical play, the operetta, "Fouchtra" which is refused by the musical industry. The music publisher Raoul Breton will bring the song " Couchés dans le foin",to the duet Pills & Tabet, which will make an international hit.

The collaboration between Mireille and Jean will continue with "Couchés dans le foin","Un petit chemin qui sent la noisette", "Une demoiselle sur une balançoire", "Quand un Vicomte", "le Vieux Château", "Puisque vous partez en voyage", "La partie de bridge","Fermé jusqu'a lundi","Parce-que ça me donne du courage",etc. Mireille and Jean are a perfect team, he writes charming stories, poétics romances, on a renewed musical expression influenced by Jazz. composed by Mireille.

Jean Nohain carries two activities, author and producer-director at radio &Tv. He compères all shows in an optimist style, "Que personne ne sorte", Reine d'un jour", Trente six chandelles", et conrtribue a l'opérette"Plume au vent".

Jean Nohain aka Jaboune, has certainly highly contributed to our exclusive entertainment.


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