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Composer, Arranger

Philippe BESSON :

hurdy gurdy, voices

He begins his musical studies with classical piano at the age of six and then he gives it up at 12 ,

for the hurdy gurdy. Philippe's musical trip leads him to the

world of Berrichon and Bourbonnais folklore where he starts his apprenticeship.

He contributes to a number of recordings.

In 1986, he wins, in regional award of Auvergne for young musicians, as a member of duo.

He starts a single carrier which aims at musical creation : His first recording "Air Libre"

comes out in Christmas 1992. He continues his musical experience from 1993 to 98 as

musician and musical manager in a band creating traditional dances.

In 1994, the "COMPAGNIE BESSON " is created.

.The musicians of this band come from very different styles such as

classical, jazz, ball... This band is dedicated, to the musical creation of a

new style for the Bourbonnais : to do a music with recent creations and a

traditional structure using musical instruments. . In 1997, the band comes out a recording, “ ISIS “ and wins the first prize of the international meetings of Sancoins In 1999, he publishes under his

name a recording dedicated to the dance: "EXCLUSIVEMENT DANSE!! Philippe

Besson traditional music “. In 2000, the COMPAGNIE BESSON publishes "FIBULE

musique traditionnelle contemporaine du Bourbonnais" .

Philippe is the owner of the first Alto hurdy gurdy created specially for him by Jean-Claude BOUDET in 2000.


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