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Country : France

Born : 1928

Françoise DORIN

Born in 1928 in Paris. - Author - Comédian - Songwriter

Françoise has inherited from her father a passion for Dramatic activities, Musique and songs. She is obviously gifted, as she is able to compose for Artists from differents genres and influences, "Que c'est triste Venise ", for the legendary Charles Aznavour, " C'est ton nom " with Francis Lai, for Mireille Mathieu, "N'avoue jamais", in collaboration with Guy Mardel, "Pourquoi pas nous", for Line and Willy,..and many other compositions for Juliette Gréco, Marie Laforêt, Dalida, Colette Renard, les Compagnons de la chanson, les Parisiennes, etc...

Françoise Dorin has also an impressive record for success in theater area. "Jour de fete", "C'est à Hambourg", including scores and musical play, "La pt'ite Lily", "Irma la douce," based on a libretto by Alexandre Breffort.

Françoise DORIN

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