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Performer, Arranger

Country : France

François Vellard

Musician - Professor - Composer

François Vellard carries out its musical studies at the Schola Cantorum under the supervision of Daniel Lesur. He became then the pupil of Jacques Chailley, at the Institute of musicology of Paris University, and at the "Cours Normal de Préparation au Professorat d'Education

musicale de la ville de Paris", directed by Robert Planel.

With such a valid training and background, he moves towards the Choir discipline . In 1967, founds the "Ensemble vocal of Lendit" which he will conduct until 1978. In 1973, he takes the managment of the " Orphée Choir " and move on to a large répertory of polyphonic music, from middle age to conremporay music, with à some prédilection for sacred music, messes, requiem, classical and et romantic oratorios. He is known and appreciated not only in Paris, but in the régions and also in foreighn countries, Germany, Austria, Poland, Belgium, Spain, Switzerland, Suèden, Italy...

After more than 25 years conducting the " Orphée Choir", François Vellard decides, in décember 1998, to leave the Choir for a new challenge with the direction of the "Aria of Paris".

François VELLARD

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