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La Journée de Monsieur Chose nous fait voyager à travers le temps et retrouver une équipe créatrice autour de "Carlos", "Claude Lemesle", "Alice Dona", "Joe Dassin", "Jean Claudric" et les producteurs aujourd’hui disparus, Jacques Plait et Bernard Estardy ! Voici 3 Titres harmonisés par Jean Claude Boyer pour 3 ou 4 voix mixtes : "SI TU NE M'ATTENDAIS PAS", "VIENS CHEZ ROGER", "LE BUS"

Hier Encore, we have lost an immense writer and performer !

Charles Aznavour, one of France's greatest singing stars, had an immense songwriting talent coupled with a mesmerising stage presence. He wrote more than 1,200 songs, dealing with everything from street violence and the deaf to ecology and love. As a performer, his linguistic ability, made him popular around the world.
Here are the best most memorable songs : "Hier Encore (Yesterday, when I was young)", "Comme ils disent (What makes a man)", "Tu t’laisses aller (You’ve let yourself go)", "La Boheme", "Emmenez-moi", "Désormais", "Je me voyais déjà" and so many more….

Black Magic Woman

We are proud to present the Peter Green’s anthem, recorded by Fleetwood Mac in 1968. "Carlos Santana" has enhanced the composition in amending the cord name shema. Take a moment to re-discover this title for your own pleasure!