Pack Mel
You are willing to digitize & publish a song, a symphony, a sonata ?

Join the "Pack MEL", a simple solution designed by music people for songwriters and publishers. A perfect tool to assist you in the engraving & printed issues.

We serve all the normal functions you would expect to get :

- Digitization & engraving of any piece of music, from manuscript, score, Midifiles or any audio source. We provide quality publication for registration purpose to Sacem and other European collective societies,
- Digitatization & engraving on demand for songbooks, books, tutorial method, (conception & C.A.D, making-up, reading, correction lyrics & music and final proof),
- Universal delivery of music sheet via secured service at

Our team of musical expert is here to help your business in a practical way. Delivery of material is immediate, cost of digitatization/production is reduced and security is assured.

Our service "Pack MEL" combines the best encryption techniques, electronic and traditional distribution, A complete solution at the best price you can get.